HOLIDAY MEATS & Rolling Reservation Deposit (RRD) 

Regular price $50.00

The RRD saves you and the farm time, and time is money.  With a Rolling Reservation Deposit, you make a one time deposit for ALL of your future weekly retail orders.  

You pay the full order amount when you pick up at the Farmers Market OR at the Farm (upon special requests with minimum 48hr appointment ONLY.)  The deposit rolls over to the next order, and so on, until your final order, for which it serves as a credit (in case you move out of town, or stop buying from us for some other reason).  

The RRD is the ONLY way local shoppers may get an appointment to pick up at the farm and for regular farmers market shoppers to email/text in orders. (required for any specialty items ie: whole turkeys, smoked hams, prime ribs, goose etc)